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  • Park fun

  • Have I ever mentioned that I have brown eyes and always wanted a brown-eyed child? It's true, and if brown is so dominant than how did I have three big blue-eyed babies? Although looking at them today, I'm glad they got the features that they did. I love every[...]
  • Puddles

  • It's been very rainy here lately and yet I've still managed to complete my scheduled photo-sessions. So far I've gotten lucky and "barely" missed the rain each and every time (knocking on wood for todays shoot). In fact this cute little family even jumped arou[...]
  • Corn field

  • There is a corn field just down the street from where we live. I find it fascinating to watch it grow! I watched it last year as it grew from nothing to full (yummy) ripe corn field. This year I thought it would be fun to take some photo's as it progresses. I [...]